Precision Series / AR-15 Barrel that shoots apples at 500 yds!

Price: $465

Cannot be Shipped to the State of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

.223 Wylde Chamber

From all of us here at R&B Tactical Tooling, Inc. We are excited to introduce our first offering from our Precision Series Line of extremely accurate AR-15 barrels. We have been shooting AR-15 rifles for nearly 20 years now. Some people go to the range to have fun blasting away. Not us, we shoot for accuracy and only accuracy. There is nothing better than shooting a 3-round group in the same hole at 100 yards, and hitting an apple at 500 yards.

These barrels have been designed from the ground up to be one of the most accurate barrels on the market. These barrels are made from 416RSS blanks that sport a button pulled 5R rifling that provides excellent accuracy for precision shooting. Most barrels have 6 lands and groves for their rifling. Our barrels have what is called (5R Rifling). That means there are only 5 lands and groves. This provides less deformation of the bullet. This feature deforms the bullet less and makes the bullet shoot with much more precision. We are also the first company in the industry to apply this beautiful firearms-grade coating to the outside of the barrel. This coating can only be applied inside a very expensive barometric chamber. This is very similar to how rifle optics are coated. Below, you will see the specifics of what makes these barrels so special.

  • 416R Twice Stress Relieved Stainless-Steel Barrel
  • 5R Rifling (for less bullet deformation)
  • Match Grade Barrel
  • Medium Contour
  • Mid-Length Gas Barrel
  • ½-28 Threads
  • .750” Gas Block Diameter
  • 1/8 Twist
  • 16” Barrel Length
  • .223 Wylde Chamber for Best Accuracy
  • Shoots .223 Rem, and 5.56
  • For best performance, Use Match Grade Ammo