Precision Series G-19 Slide with Ancient Himalayan Paint / In stock 2023!

Price: $490

Cannot be Shipped to the State of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Precision Series – G-19 Slides (GEN 3)

“Precision Made, Complete and ready to shoot, Right out of the box.”

It is not just a pretty face; it’s a high-performing slide that has one hell of a story behind it.

It was in January of 2005 when my squadron was deployed to Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan. Bagram is a base that was 1 mile high in elevation and completely surrounded by the Himalayas….in winter! We were the 23rd Fighter Group “Flying Tigers,” 75th Fighter Squadron “Tiger Sharks.” Every Friday afternoon, our base would host a Bazaar. This allowed the local villagers to come onto the base and sell goods. This was an opportunity to foster good relations with local villagers and increase their local economy. Some of these merchants used a precious stone to make beautiful flower vases, cups, plates, and other goods.

This stone is called Lapis Lazuli, and it can only be found in the Afghanistan Himalayas. This stone was so rare and so expensive that during the Medieval Times and the Renaissance, it was only allowed to be used as a painting pigment to paint the Veil of the Virgin Mary.

Virgin Mary LapisLapis Lazuli crafts

So, when choosing the color for painting our slides, the choice was an easy one. We imported the Lapis Lazuli (AAA Grade) stone, smashed it into a powder, and used it as a pigment in our Firearms Grade Paint. The result absolutely speaks for itself. We are the only company in the entire industry to have ever done this!

President of R&B Tactical Tooling, Inc.

G-19 Slide, Barrel, Upper build kit and sights Specs:

  • 100% American Made.
  • Proper geometry during the slide and barrel machining process to ensure proper fit, function, and performance straight out of the box.
  • Upper Build Kit Manufactured to Glock’s factory geometry, materials, tolerances, and machining practices.
  • Polished Stainless Steel Guide Rod with a Factory Recommended 17-pound recoil spring.
  • Properly Positioned Sights that have factory standard height measurements for non-co-witness use.
  • One hell of a True “Match Grade Barrel.”
  • Our barrels for these slides come from Chip McCormick Custom, and they are 100% American Made. These Match Grade barrels are precision machined from Certified, DFARS compliant, pre-hardened 416R premium grade stainless steel to extremely tight tolerances and exacting details. 416R stainless steel is recognized for its corrosion resistance, machinability, and high tensile strength; it is the industry standard for premium Match Grade Barrels.
  • Enhanced Slide and Barrel fit for a proper lock up for improved accuracy.
  • These barrels are 6 groove, cut rifled, 1:10 Twist Right Hand, fully QC inspected, double honed (rough and finish) to produce the smoothest bore possible, with a Max Roughness Average (RA) of 12. Finished bore dimensions are held to +/- 0.0002” (this is 15 times smaller than the width of 1 human hair). This tolerance is from the nominal groove and bore dimensions. This offers maximum consistency, accuracy, and quality.
  • SAAMI, Match Grade specification chambers, precision cut and finished to a maximum Roughness Average (RA) of 16.
  • The pre-hardened 416R stainless steel is stress relieved to a proprietary recipe set forth by Chip McCormick Customs. They do this after rifling, and the final hardness is 38-42 Rockwell C before the final barrel profile machining is completed. 
  • Barrels are bead blasted to create a satin finish prior to plating.
  • Ultra- low friction hBN (Hexagonal Boron Nitride) Bore & Chamber coatings
  • As with ALL Firearms Accessories, our slides require a “Break-In” period. These slides start to really shine after 200 rounds. Some might take a little longer to break-in. It is especially important to have a firm grip while shooting. Having a loose grip is the number one cause of feeding issues.
  • These Complete Slides are Bad Ass. Not only do they perform, but they can also win a beauty pageant at the same time!