Bolt Carrier Group

Price: $250

Cannot be Shipped to the State of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Precision Series – “Bolt Carrier Groups”
American Quality, Performance and Beauty

When we first started to manufacture and collect products for our “Precision Line” of AR-15 accessories, it was noticeably clear to us that these specific Bolt Carrier Groups from (F-1 Firearms), needed to be in our lineup of precision products. Every single part, piece, and accessory that you install on your rifle will have a direct impact on the addition of accuracy or having a performance-robbing accessory that takes away your rifle’s ability to shoot accurately.

These Bolt Carrier Groups have been manufactured and coated in such a way that they do not even require lubrication. After firing 1,000 rounds through it, you can clean it with one single cocktail napkin! That is American Quality and Innovation at its finest! When these BCGs are used in conjunction with our barrels and triggers, a competent shooter can very easily put 5 rounds inside a quarter at 100 yards and have room to spare!
The following specifications shows why these BCG’s are so incredible:

  • These BCG’s are direct impingement, and gas-operated.
  • These BCG’s are full auto-rated for M16 and M4 rifles.
  • Intended for use in AR-15 platforms.
  • These BCGs are compatible with all MIL-SPEC Receivers and Associated Components.
  • The Bolt Carrier and Bolt are both ground after being heat-treated to ensure tolerances. Most companies do not even bother with this extremely important step. This is yet another example of why we chose these BCG’s.
  • The Bolt is manufactured out of 158 Carpenter Steel.
  • The Bolt Carrier itself has been machined out of 8620 steel.
  • The Bolt has been Magnetic Particle Inspected, (MPI). This ensures that there are not any hairline cracks present.
  • Also, the Bolt has been High Pressure Tested, (HPT). This inspection ensures that the Bolt can withstand high temperature, as well as high pressure that is caused by the firing of the ammunition.