The #1 Best Selling Tool Kit In the Entire Industry

The #1 Best Selling 80% Lower Tool Kit In The Entire Industry

Price: $100

Cannot be Shipped to the State of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

This Tool Kit Has Been used more than any other in this Industry

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The R&B Tactical Tooling 80% Lower Receiver Cutting Tool Kit was created, designed and manufactured by us. We are The Masters of the Black Arts of Tooling ™. This tool kit is the industry’s first that is specially designed and manufactured to optimize the machining of personal built lower receivers. That means you can get your Saturdays back. Everything in this box, including the box, is Made in America.

This tool kit includes one Patented ¼” Solid Carbide End Mill that has application specific “Chip Breaker” geometry for milling aluminum. This tool is used for the precise milling of the trigger pocket. How does this get your Saturdays back? The ¼” end mill cutting depth is 4.5 times deeper per cut and travels through the material 3 times faster at the same time. That means you have more than 13 times the total material removal rate than other ¼” end mills on the market.

Also, included in the kit are three application specific Parabolic Drill Bits. These drill bits are manufactured with application specific geometry that optimizes the drilling of aerospace grade aluminum, which is what 80% Lower Receivers are made from. These drill bits do not require you to “clear the chips” like other drill bits do. In other words, having to continually pull the drill bit out to get the chips out of the hole. That means you can steadily cut all the way through to the bottom of the hole in one plunge without pulling the drill bit out.

The coating we have applied to all four of these tools not only increases tool life but also gives natural lubricity to the tools as well. However, you still need to use a high-quality cutting fluid on all four tools to remove heat from the machining process. WD-40 and 3M oil are NOT cutting fluids, so do not use these! We recommend the use of any high quality cutting or tapping oil available at any home improvement store.

Last, but not least, is the included Non-Marring Drill Stop. This drill stop has a patented, low friction, lubricated polymer collar bearing. It eliminates any marring to the surface you are drilling, thus protecting your prized receiver from scratches. This drill stop is used to control drill hole depth. In a nut shell, this tool kit kicks ass!

Manufactured in Enemy Territory: California ™