R&B Tactical Tooling

It is obvious in the State of California that the foundations of Tyranny have been built. The disease of Tyranny has since spread to other states in our union. California, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and many others have all been infected.

These states use of unreasonable and arbitrary use of power and control has led to unconstitutional gun control legislation. It is for this, why R&B Tactical Tooling was created. We at R&B Tactical Tooling are employing our ability to give the average citizen the tools necessary to take back their constitutional freedoms as American citizens.

This ability to defend American freedom utilizes personal built 80% lower receivers. By the ATF’s legal definition an 80% lower receiver is NOT a gun, as it is not a functional piece of equipment. As such it is not required to have a government registered serial number attached to it. R&B Tactical Tooling manufactures a tool kit that enables the average citizen to finish the remaining 20% of the machining process themselves. The finished product is a precision machined functional lower receiver with no serial number. If they don’t know you have it, they can’t take it.

We at R&B Tactical Tooling have spent the last four decades manufacturing high end application specific tooling for the woodworking, plastics, music and aerospace industries. It is now time to manufacture high end application specific tooling for the American Patriot.


-We at R&B Tactical Tooling are the Defenders of Freedom.